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Documents Needed for First Time Certification
California State requires 32 hours of continuing education is required every three years to keep your certification current. 
Follow Instructions Listed Below for Renewal:
1. Fill out personal information
2. Check all boxes in section 1
3. Enclose $100 renewal fee
4. Attach appropriate documentation supporting your 32-hours of continuing education. The WBFAA offers Online courses for continuing education through www.wbfaatraining.net
Members of the WBFAA have access to our training website with a login email and coupon code. If you do not know your login info, call the WBFAA Office 800-809-0280 to receive your promo code
- The State will accept In-house and 3rd party manufacturers training but, it must be certified by the WBFAA UATC which is an approved school by the State of California to certify all In-house and 3rd party manufacturers training.
In house training is defined as any training you do at your company that is part of your schedule on a given work day.
- Workplace safety seminars or meetings
- New software or operating system training
- Training on new equipment by supervisors mandatory for your job


Application Instructions
1. Fill out personal information
2. Check box 4 in section II
3. Choose language for exam
4. Enclose $200 renewal exam fee


EXAM CODE BOOKS – Updated as of January 

As of January 1, 2017 – the State of California Department of Industrial Relations is using the of the NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code, 2016 edition and the NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code 2014 Edition for the California State certification exam.

For prep material to assist you in studying for the state exam, contact the WBFAA Training office at  800-809-0280 or admin@wbfaa.net
Visit the DIR website regarding certification status including:
The Electrician Certification Unit of the state of California 

Phone  (510) 286-3900  Email: ECUINFO@dir.ca.gov

Click Here for ECU Website

The ECU estimates a 2-4 week processing time for all applications.
Social Security Work History Report Form

Effective 1/1/2012 (AB 1346) passed. This bill would require individuals desiring to be certified to submit an application for examination and certification that includes an employment history report from the Social Security Administration as proof of employment http://www.socialsecurity.gov/online/ssa-7050.pdf. (On the SSA form 7050choose the #1 option for Certified/Non-certified Detailed Earnings Information that includes periods of employment or self-employment and the names and addresses of employers).

Social Security Administration may charge a fee for this report. You may obtain Form SSA-7050-F4 with an included fee schedule. Note: Please remember to also attach your $175.00 fee for your Application for Examination and Certification.


(For Technicians seeking their Fire/Life Safety Certification Renewal)

WBFAA Members Visit www.wbfaatraining.net for access to online continuing education courses.

All WBFAA UATC Continued Education Courses are accepted by the State of California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) as valid Continued Education for Fire/Life Safety Certification Renewal
Individuals who successfully complete a WBCEH Course will receive a Certificate of Completion for the course
All WBCEH Courses are free of charge to any technician who is enrolled in the WBFAA UATC Journeyman Program.

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